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Some say Sex Toys Can Change Your Life

“They say some sex toys can change your life”, By Heather From Edinburgh

They say some sex toys can change your life, and I’ve always been skeptical. That is, until the Morpheous Flat Loop Hook came along. It’s true; I’ve been changed. I used to be someone who liked a little assplay now and then. Now, I’m a certified anal whore.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Morpheous asshook is its size—and its weight. This thing is huge—so huge, in fact, that it makes both you and your butthole go weak at the knees. Newbies beware, because this thing is coming for your tush. Thankfully, I also own a smaller hook, and my partner and I spent many a glorious hour taking turns with that until I felt ready to tackle what we’ve taken to calling The Morpheous.

The hook of the Morpheous sits flat against your back, unlike most toys of this kind, which have hooks that dig into your back, making longer play uncomfortable. As the Morpheous’ hook sits flat, there’s nothing to stop you lying on your back when its inside, and in any other position its simply more comfortable than other anal hooks. It’s the soft rope that goes through the hook that will be against your skin, not the metal of the hook. That makes a huge difference.

Once you’ve eased yourself in and you’re ready to play with the Morpheous, you’ll find that the sensation is unlike anything you’ve ever felt. If you like the weight of an anal hook and the way it curves inside you, you’ll absolutely fall in love with the Morpheous. Once its inside you, you’ll be hurtling towards subspace; with every movement, you’ll be transported.

The flat hook allows for rope attachment that can be used a number of ways. your partner can tie you so the hook is fastened to a harness tie, or to a double column tie that keeps your arms behind your back. This sort of predicament bondage is ideal for the Morpheous, as its size means you’ll be unable to keep still, forcing you into that sweet, sweet spot between pleasure and pain. And all through it, you’ll feel that delicious vulnerability that we all dream about.

My favourite way to use the Morpheous is in conjunction with my baby hook too. With the Morpheous nestled in my ass, rope through the hook and into the hook on my collar, my partner gets me nice and wet then settles the baby hook inside my pussy while I receiving a belt whipping. It’s almost overwhelming, and I’ll always have at least one orgasm before pulling out the baby hook, getting on top and riding myself to ecstasy with my partner in my pussy and the Morpheous in my bruised, happy ass.

It’s safe to say that once you’ve tried the Morpheous, no other anal hook will come close to being enough.

-Heather (Edinburgh)