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Asshooks @Kinky & Poly Blog By Jade Melisande

There was a lot more to the ass hook scene the other night at W’s, and, you know, being me I can’t just let it go with one image. So here is the rest of it, just for fun.

Let me set this up briefly by saying that I had had a really awful few days last week, after a particularly unpleasant conference call for my work. I hadn’t heard anything concrete yet from them about whether or not I’ll be offered something past June 30th (and still haven’t) but things were said on the call that led me to believe that I probably wouldn’t, and, (being me) I had read a lot into it that (I know now) probably wasn’t meant to be taken the way I did. But it was a blow, and I was a mess for two long, torturous days.

This scene happened the night of the second day.

As seems to be the way of things lately, I had to go over to the doghouse to dogsit right after the bad call. I stuck it out alone there for as long as I could, then finally asked W if I could come over for a visit. I even bought brand new pillows so I could have a snuggle and a cry in his bed. Alas, my plans were not to be: W had something better in mind. An ass hook, a pair of high heels, some rope and a newly-painted closet all awaited me.

I thought what I needed was to wallow in self-pity for a while. I was wrong. What I needed were the two hours in which my brain was shut off and I stopped thinking about anything but him and me and what we were doing.

And of course an ass hook, some rope and a pair of ridiculously high heels.

By Jade Melisande