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Quainty Medium Stainless Steel Suspension Ring

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8" X 3/8" Medium Stainless Steel Suspension Ring

The Shibari Suspension Ring is specially made for Japanese rope bondage. In Japanese the word “Shibari” is a verb that literally means “to bind” or “to tie”. Shibari rope bondage is an intricate and elegant style of rope bondage that uses patterns and styles. 

The suspension ring is used for suspending someone using rope, by suspending the ring from somewhere else. Additional rope or lengths of rope then suspend the person from the ring. 

Using a ring for rope-suspension-bondage allows for a more even distribution of weight and makes your Shibari rope bondage-play safer. It also adds to the aesthetic quality of the rope bondage. Shibari is famous for being an art form, and the ring helps to make your creation even more beautiful.